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Another companion for your language learning journey.

Daily Content

Learning a new language? Just one lesson a day helps you stay immersed and connected. This approach is manageable and realistic, especially for those with busy schedules.

AI Generated

The content is completely AI generated, with all of the good, and some of the bad. The diversity of speech and topics makes it a very valuable language learning partner, best used as an addition to other efforts. Although the output is grammatically correct most of the time, no guarantees can be made.

AI Robot Illustration


Apart from the daily lesson, you can sign in, track your lesson history and revisit the vocabulary you covered so far.

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"He who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his own."

Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Generate Lessons

If one lesson a day is not enough for you, you can sign in and use the generator to create your own lessons. You get 15 credits to create lessons yourself for free, plus free credits from finishing lessons. You can also purchase more credits here.

Flashcard Training

You can practice the vocabulary you acquire from the lessons with the built-in flashcards. QUOTID uses an algorithm by Open Spaced Repetition to give you an Anki-like experience. Grade yourself during practice so the algorithm can adjust the intervals of the words.



Derived from "quotidie," meaning "every day," which itself comes from "quot" (how many) + "dies" (day)

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